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I was about to write a note this week about fasting and school meals during Lent. I thought this would be a good topic given the issues parents might encounter in dealing with children who fast for Lent and how that impacts such things as what they eat at school.

I realize I could be making assumptions about what parents are concerned about regarding Lenten and school behavior, and those assumptions may not be true. Plus, Lent is not just about food. There is also, for instance, the practice of church attendance at the Lenten services, which often conflict with the school calendar.

I would like to hear from parents on what they would like me to address on the topic of Lent as it begins, especially as it relates to school. What do you deal with that is difficult or challenging? What questions might you have that I can address in my upcoming weekly notes? Thank you in advance for your responses.

The blessing of the Lord be upon you,

The unworthy +Paul

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