Virtual Camp this Summer

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What is St. Tikhon’s Summer Virtual Camp?

Campers will have the opportunity to participate in free virtual activities over two weeks this summer.  Choice boards, for all age groups, will be provided where various activities are just a click away.  Campers can participate in activities offered on the choice board at their own pace.  There will also be scheduled Zoom meetings to connect with each other as a camp family.  Our hope is to bring traditional camp activities such as workshop, arts and crafts, and sports and recreation to you in a virtual way.

When is Virtual Camp?

Sunday, July 18, 2020- Saturday, August 1, 2020

Do I Have to Register My Child for Virtual Camp?

Yes! Please visit our registration page for information.  Each child needs their own registration.  Therefore, please submit parent name and email as many times to match the number of your campers.

Who Can Participate in Virtual Camp?

As choice boards will be posted publicly, anyone is permitted to complete the activities on the choice boards.  However, live virtual meetings will be restricted to registered campers between ages 7-17.

How Much is Virtual Camp?

It is free.  Monetary donations are greatly appreciated but not expected.  Information regarding donations is available here.

Where do I find the virtual camp activities?

Everything will be posted on this page of our website.  Information for Zoom meetings will be emailed to registered campers.  Additional announcements or details will also be posted on our Facebook page and Instagram.

How Safe Will My Child Be at Virtual Camp?

We take safety very seriously at St. Tikhon’s Summer Camp.  All of our counselors are pre-screened with reference checks and a Pennsylvania State Child Abuse and Criminal Background Check.  Out-of-State counselors must undergo an FBI fingerprint check.  We are compliant with OCA and Pennsylvania regulations for volunteer staffed summer camps.  Information about virtual meetings will not be publicly posted but rather will be sent directly to the email of the parent/guardian of the registered camper.  All virtual meetings will be supervised and monitored by the camp directors and/or other counselors.

The blessing of the Lord be upon you, +Paul

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