Using Technology to do God’s Work

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“Old geysers” like me are just not “up” on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and today’s other popular social apps. We complain about how such things are bad for children, teens and adults. While some of this is true, we need to consider how such things can be used for good. In and of themselves, social apps are actually neither good or bad; it is the intention with which they are used that matters.

So how about considering the following ideas, some of which I am guessing you may have thought about.

On your iPhone

  • download evening and morning prayers.
  • download the Psalms (or an app for them).
  • download the app called AGES which provides all of the various daily services in the Church.
  • download the Bible Gateway app which, among other things, offers various plans for reading the Bible in an entire year.

I still have an interest in developing a Diocesan app that can be used for our youth. I hope something can be done in this regard in the next one to two years.

Last year, the Orthodox Church in America issued “Guidelines for Use of Social Media.” During the next few months, I will present some of the recommendations found in these guidelines which I feel should be observed. Until then, “download away!”

The blessing of the Lord be upon you,

The unworthy +Paul

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