Time to Take a Break

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I have decided I am going to take a brief break from issuing my weekly notes. I am not particularly pleased with how our Family Ministry website has developed to this point. I was hoping my weekly notes would spur responses and questions from people in the Diocese, and to date there have been very few. It is hard for me to write on matters when I don’t have a clear sense that what I have been writing has been hitting home and promoting discussion and further questions. Since I have not received that much feedback, I have decided to take this break.

I was also hoping people would submit guest articles, and that has not happened in quite a while. Efforts have been made to request that people submit guest articles, but that request has not been answered.

I would like to spend some time with the Editorial Board of the website and focus on what we can do to improve upon the website content and how we might do a better job of connecting with people in the Diocese to obtain feedback. I am sure the Covid pandemic we have all been dealing with since March of this year has impacted part of this. I ask that you be patient and pray for us as we make the effort to refocus our efforts and redefine our tasks.

Asking your forgiveness, and conveying the Lord’s blessing upon you,

Archbishop Paul

4 Comments on “Time to Take a Break”

  1. Your Grace…

    I am sorry to hear of the lack of response. I know that I am in that category as well, please forgive me. I want you to know that Laura and I often talk about your posts and have enjoyed reading your teachings. We have also shared many of your posts on our parish Facebook page hoping that others would learn from your wisdom. I understand the consternation of whether it is worth it or not to keep posting. I have a daily blog where I post my regular journal entries reflecting on my readings of the day. With over 2,700 posts, posts that get shared on Facebook and Twitter, I seldom get any feedback. I get likes, and sometimes even some shares, but where I find out that they are really being read, are those times when I am standing in our potluck line and have someone walk up and tell me that they loved my posts. Little did I know.

    As you assess your plans going forward, please consider continuing your teachings through your blog posts. I know that your focus has been on the young family group, but you might want to also consider those of us who are now on our second round with our grandchildren. One area that I would love to hear your perspective on is the concept of “retiring” from work in the church. I am always amazed at how many people reach that golden age of retirement and quit doing anything in their parish, just when they have more time and resources to work with.

    Thank you for all that you are doing for our diocese and the Church. May our Lord bless you and your team as you review the next steps.

    1. Thank you David for your thoughts. I will be back online again with weekly thoughts. I just need some short time for a break. I appreciate your kind words. The Lord’s blessing be upon you. +Paul

  2. Your Grace:

    I read your posts the moment they come out. I haven’t commented much because my kids are all adults now but I think your guidance and wisdom is very valuable and I wish I had applied many of the principals you propose with my own three children.

    I look forward to your insight and would offer what is on my mind as a suggestion.

    I would love to see a series on effective evangelism in our majority non-Orthodox society. It is not enough to “live a Christian life” since many of our fellow Americans would profess to be Christians albeit they are Protestant or Roman Catholic. How can Orthodox Christians differentiate the One True Church without starting debates and being argumentative?

    Thank you! Your blessings please


    1. Thank you Brian. The idea of evangelism in today’s world from the perspective of how can this be done as a family is interesting. I will give some more thought to that. The blessing of the Lord be upon you. +Paul

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