“The Family Prayer Rule” — A Starting Point

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I would like to offer the following as a possible “Family Prayer Rule” for daily use. It is a simple outline, as a prayer rule is similar to an accordion — one may keep it short and condensed, or one may add more by stretching it out. In any instance, it is better to be consistent than to shoot for what one cannot reach. Each family should discern what is or is not possible, given its schedule.   And please discuss this with your parish priest before implementation.

Morning Prayers. (This may be harder to arrange given individual and family schedules, but I offer it nonetheless.)

Begin with “Through the prayers of our Holy Fathers….”

  • Trisagion Prayers, the Lord’s Prayer
  • Morning Prayer to the Holy Trinity
  • Morning Prayer by St. Basil the Great
  • If there is time, family members may offer intercessions for the living and faithful departed
  • Conclude with “Through the prayers of our Holy Fathers…”

If this can’t be done as a family in the morning, perhaps it would work better individually. 

Evening Prayers. (This should be easier to do as a family)

Begin with “Through the prayers of our Holy Fathers…”

  • Trisagion Prayers, the Lord’s Prayer
  • Penitential Troparia, “Have mercy on us…Glory…Lord have mercy on us…Now and ever…Open the gates…”
  • Evening prayer for forgiveness of sins; “O Lord our God, in Your goodness and love…”
  • Ask forgiveness of one another
  • Conclude with, “Through the prayers of our Holy Fathers…”

All of the above and more can be found in the Ancient Faith pamphlet titled “Building a Habit of Prayer,” available online at https://orthodoxchristianebooks.com/building-a-habit-of-prayer/.

And don’t forget — a prayer rule is like an accordion. The blessing of the Lord be upon you.

With love in Christ,

The unworthy +Paul

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