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Here are ten more things to add to the list of concrete things families can do to make the invisible God visible in family home life.

  1. Read the daily life of a saint. One source for this can be found on the OCA web page. It most cases it doesn’t take too long to read.
  2. Go out for a family lunch/dinner with a family neighbor every three months.
  3. Kids do the chores that you are given to do by your parents.
  4. Have a family meal at least three times a week without tv or social media apps.
  5. Parents let you kids have fun when you watch them at a soccer, football, or whatever game. Don’t take it so seriously.
  6. Parents and kids, make a list of people who don’t like you and pray for them when you a light a candle at church.
  7. Parents, when talking about hot button items in the home (i.e. sex, violence, drugs etc.) listen and ask your kids for examples when they speak to you. Don’t assume you are on the same page with the words you use.
  8. Pick one topic every two months you can discuss with your kids where they can learn how to show love and acceptance towards people who have different values without compromising the Orthodox Faith. This is a toughie.
  9. Have the family meet to discuss some conflicts when they arise that can involve the whole family in resolving the concerns (i.e. when rules seem unfairly applied).
  10. Parents help your children to say a short prayer throughout the day to help them stay focused. (i.e. it can be the Jesus prayer, or a short line from the Psalms).

I think there are more things that can added to this list. But these 30 items are more than enough to show how parents can make the invisible God visible to their kids in daily family life.

The Blessing of the Lord be upon you.

The unworthy +Paul

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