Family Prayer: One Other Option

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As I looked at the outlines in last week’s reflection, I realized that some families may want to observe morning and evening prayers as an individual rule. Therefore, I am offering another option that could be offered daily before or after dinner.

Begin with “Through the prayers of our Holy Fathers…”

  • Trisagion Prayers, the Lord’s Prayer
  • Short reading of Saint of the Day
  • Intercessory Prayers (see “Building a Habit of Prayer” booklet mentioned last week)
  • Conclude with “Through the prayers of the Holy Fathers…”
  • During dinner consider discussing the life of the saint that was read

When I write such things, they seem reasonable, but I sometimes have no concept of being able to understand the reality of family life. I am assuming that everyone gathers at a daily meal, before or after which prayers may be offered.  Some people may feel that even something as brief as the above may be too lengthy.  But I would encourage you to do the best you can and pray even if the whole family cannot be present.

The blessing of the Lord be upon you,

The unworthy +Paul

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