We start a second year

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It was around this time one year ago that the Midwest Family Website made its online debut. I think much has gone the way I had hoped it would. It takes time to develop a website, and there is more work that remains to be done.

There are two things I would like to see happen in the coming year. First I am hoping our Family Ministry team will take more initiative to invite people to submit guest articles to the site. We can do better than what we did during the past year.

Secondly, I noticed that I have not received many comments or questions on my weekly notes. I would really like to hear from you — if not by public comment, then by email at bishoppaul@domoca.org — to offer any feedback. I also would like to hear from you as to what more you would like me to speak about in my weekly reflections that I may have missed.

As to the live stream sessions on YouTube, overall I am pleased with them. I appreciate the questions and comments that are received as I speak on the topic of the day. These sessions will resume in May. Once again any comments on how the live stream might be improved would be welcome.

Have a blessed Holy Week and Holy Pascha!

The blessing of the Lord be upon you,
The unworthy +Paul of Chicago

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