Embracing Sanctity of Life? If so, why do we…

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If we are going to embrace a Sanctity of Life view, can we:

  • Affirm that life begins at conception, which means saying no to abortion?
  • Embrace and support policies that call for the proper care of families and their children who are here illegally until their status is addressed?
  • Advocate for appropriate measures in our schools to keep children safe, that don’t involve arming teachers with guns?
  • Support reasonable gun control laws that take guns out of the hands of people that shouldn’t have them?
  • Encourage state governments that are pro-life to provide necessary support programs for young mothers who decide to have their babies instead of aborting them?
  • Call for an end to capital punishment?
  • Support measures to provide homes for refugees who wish to enter into our country after reasonable vetting?
  • Call for an end to euthanasia and the inappropriate ending of a life of an elderly person?
  • Embrace the idea that the suffering of an elderly person can be transformed into a joyful lifting up of a cross that needs to be carried for one’s salvation?
  • Support the idea of dying a good death as one’s life comes to an end (i.e. “completing the remaining time of our life in peace and repentance”).

If so, why do we then go on to:

  • Say that some of the above statements are rooted in ideology and politics and have nothing to do with the Church?
  • Address differing sides on this issue with hate and intolerance?
  • Complain about the hypocrisy of others while we ignore the hypocrisy in ourselves?
  • Say that the Church’s teachings are more consistent with being a conservative or a liberal, neither of which is true?
  • Not realize that all of the statements under “If we are going…?” are pro-life statements? It is not just about abortion.

What does this all have to do with family life? I wrote these things because as parents you have to help your children as they grow older to navigate these difficult issues our society is facing today. I want to encourage you to be as wholistic as you can in helping your children understand and live by a true Sanctity of Life ethic, which the Orthodox Church teaches; to help your children understand that the Church may tolerate certain practices because they are the result of living in a fallen world. But the Church being the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, the Church Militant, always points us to a higher calling, a calling that is not of this world.

The blessing of the Lord be upon you,

The unworthy +Paul

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  1. Someone posted a comment on Facebook asking me to clarify the statement “measures to provide homes…” for refugees. That is important for me to clarify. It would be better to say “measures to allow refugees in the country after reasonable vetting” which is far different. But if they need assistance with housing and if they qualify, then they would receive anything that the rest of the people in the country qualify for. I would ask that further comments though be made here and not on Facebook +Paul

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